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The CNPN-Tony Pawson Proteomics Award recognizes remarkable achievements on the fundamental understanding and/or practice of proteomics in biological sciences. Formerly called the “CNPN Distinguished Researcher Award”, this award was renamed in 2014 in recognition of the seminal contributions to the proteomics field of one of the most influential Canadian scientists of all time, the late Prof. Tony Pawson, who received the CNPN award in 2013.

Prof Tyers
Michael D. Tyers, Université de Montréal

Dr. Tyers is an international leader in proteomics and systems biology recognized for his seminal insights into mechanisms of phosphorylation-dependent protein degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system. His contributions to the charting of protein, gene and chemical interaction networks and the systems genetics of cell growth and division have provided numerous clues as to the functioning of the eukaryotic cell. Dr. Tyers also recognized early on the necessity to archive biological knowledge into accessible databases and he pioneered the development of informatics tools and database resources for the computational analysis of biological interactions.

2016 Travel Award Recipients

The CNPN is pleased to announce the attendance of young scientists to the annual CNPN meeting through the financial support of Genome Canada. This year’s recipients are:

Cassandra Wong, MSc student, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute; U Toronto.
    Functional consequences of mutations in the PI3 kinase-mTORC1 signaling cascade

Adam Rabalski, PhD student, University of Western Ontario.
    Investigation of the CK2-dependent phosphoproteome using mass spectrometry

Wen Zhang, PhD student, U Toronto.
    Proteome Signatures and New Cancer Drivers

Joey Sheff, PhD student, U Calgary.
    In Vitro Multivariate statistical tool for large scale HX-MS drug screening

Miljan Kuljanin, PhD student, Western U.
    Proteomic Investigation of Paracrine Signals from Multipotent Stromal Cells that Augment Islet Regenerative Capacity

Lauriane Velot, PhD student, Université Laval.
    Proteomic identification of novel therapeutic targets in castration resistant prostate cancer

Etienne Coyaud, postdoctoral fellow, University Health Network, U Toronto.
    BioID-based identification of SCF Beta-TrCP1/2 E3 ligase substrates

Marianne Ariganello, postdoctoral fellow, Health Canada
    Using Proteomic Analysis to Tease-Out Differences in Cellular Toxicity due to Source-Emission Exposures

André Leblanc, postdoctoral fellow, University of Victoria
    Highly multiplexed MRM-based peptide quantitation in human plasma using two different stable isotope labeled peptides for calibration

2016 Best Presentation Award Recipients

The CNPN selection committee presided by Michael F. Moran is pleased to announce the award for the best presentations to the following recipients (Sponsored by Genome Canada):

Best oral presentation:
Peter Kubiniok, PhD student, IRIC, U. Montréal
    Profiling changes in the phosphoproteome of hematopoietic cells in response to a novel class of anti-oncogenic sphingolipid-derived small molecules

Best short oral presentations:
Heath Patterson, PhD student, U. Montréal
    Development of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry of phospholipids for automated assessment of pathological response to therapy in colorectal cancer liver metastasis resections
Antoine Meant, PhD student, IRIC, U. Montréal
    Characterization of the RSK Interactome Reveals p120-catenin as a New Phosphorylation Substrate of the RAS/MAPK Pathway
Sibylle Pfammatter, PhD student, IRIC, U. Montréal
    Improved quantitation for large scale proteomic analyses using High Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS)

Best poster presentation:
Afnan Abu-Thuraia, PhD student, IRCM, U. Montréal
    AXL receptor tyrosine kinase in breast cancer: Defining novel substrates and pathways involved in cell migration and invasion